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The Department of History and Archaeology is one the three Departments in the School of Humanities at the University of Ioannina. The Department was founded in 1982, when the School was divided in Departments.

The Department offers a number of modules/courses for the acquisition of a Bachelor in either History or Archaeology.

The Department enjoys a high reputation both in the country and abroad for the quality of education it provides. It is the alma mater of a large number of successful university professors, politicians and high-level national and international civil servants and executives.

The Department has 7 professors, 6 associate professors, 13 assistant professors, and 2 lecturers. All professors, associate professors, assistant professors, lecturers and some members of the teaching and research assistant staff hold Ph.D. degrees.

Structure of the Department - Sections

The Department of History and Archaeology is divided into four Sections:

  • Ancient and Medieval History
  • Archaeology and Art History
  • Modern History
  • Folklore


Teaching and Learning Methods

Lectures are the mainstay of many modules/courses and are normally attended by around 20 – 300 students depending on whether a course is compulsory or optional. Tutorials and seminars are also offered to smaller groups of students. Lectures are formal and it is very important for the student to take notes which will assist him/her in his/her studies.

In seminars students discuss a subject for which they have to prepare in advance. In some courses students have to write an essay on a topic selected from a list given by the responsible teaching staff. Sometimes this essay is absolutely necessary for the evaluation of the work carried out by the student.

Language of instruction

The language of instruction in the Department is Greek.


The Department has an undergraduate and offers two postgraduate programmes. The undergraduate programme lasts four years and leads to a degree in History and Archaeology. During the first year (first two semesters) the courses offered are common for all students enrolled in the Department. In the beginning of the second year (third semester) the students have to select one of the two specializations:


a) History
b) Archaeology and History of Art

For each specialization, there is a core of basic courses that are required and a large number of other courses which students can select from.

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